Good Bye 2014

Starting this blog has been a trip. It has opened up experiences for me that I never thought I could ever experience and has led me to meet many wonderful people. And although I haven't blogged as much as I hoped, I will definitely be doing more blogging in 2015. And so lets raise a glass to 2014 as I share with you some of my 2014 blogging moments.

photoshoot with 

Model Casting at Le Monde with

Meeting Sherri Scott Co-owner of at the Topshop Forum

Sherri Scott and Wendy Gilmour aka

The First Blogger meeting with fellow bloggers and friends Kathleen Campbell aka and Mairi Lowe aka

Meeting designer Christine Watson and creator of Gordon Miller at the White Stuff Mad Hatters Tea Party Event
Meeting  Designer Carolyn Baxter 
Hope Everyone had a lovely year and may 2015 bring many more exciting adventures.

Cera K x

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