The Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show

Over the past few weeks, I have had the chance to work with The Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show. It aims to bring together designers, boutiques and different brands for a fashion show with different themes. EMFS also works as a platform for designers to showcase their work to customers to show a varied option within the UK. 

A Touch of Pink Collection A/W14 by Christine Watson

Christine Watson's A Touch of pink collection was one of my first collaborations with EMFS. From the castings to the show, it was my first experience of a real fashion show. Her collection, A Touch of Pink was beautifully designed and I spent the majority of my time backstage in awe at the clothing.
What attracted me to Christine's designs was that it was both feminine and edgy at the same time.

The Metropolitan Fashion Show Team

Creative Director: Farah Al Zadjaly
Assistant Directors: Sultana Malik and Eshiva Wright
Marketing: Mairi Lowe
Graphic Designer: Louise Brown
Make-up Artist: Alexis Aitchson, Carol and Rio from Urban Decay Jenners Edinburgh
Hair stylist: The Temple Salon
Backstage: Cera Kamonji, Katie Henderson, Jeanne Rideau
Front house: Ash Mahmood, Zoe Aba Os, Amber Akhtar
Models: Harriet Thompson, Christabel Ho, Lauren McNaught, Klinta Tjapusina, Kirtsty McLaughlin, Susanne Sinclair, Christine Combe, Ivelina Lazarova, Mol Cuddigan, Agnieszka Cynert
Photographers: Sahar Hamzah, Kaz Strathemore, Rab Stout, Gav Young, Margaret Lothian, Marisa
Filming: Robyn Baillie, Rachel Neill

Model Wearing The Birthday dress from the A/W14 Collection

A touch of pink 

 Designer Christine Watson

Make up team from Urban Decay Edinburgh

Metropolitan Team and Models


"Bri's Boutique was inspired by the beauty of an old fashioned garden, fresh and covered with wonderful flowers creating soft forms. Brigida wanted to create something unique to Edinburgh... Bri's Boutique- a breath of fresh air"

Aside from the fashion show, I was also part of the advertising team for Bri's Boutique. The Boutique has been open for almost two years and this was a great opportunity not only to get some fantastic photos, but to help spread the word about Brigida's lovely shop showcase some of her dresses. 

Floor Length, Black and White mermaid dress

Sparkly blue sequinned knee length dress

floor length, strappy dress with sequinned detail on waistline 

mini gold sequinned dress


Bri's Boutique
Metropolitan fashion show video By Rachel Neil
Metropolitan fashion show

I would like to give a huge shout out to Farah Al Zadjaly (aka FAZ Fashion Diary) for giving me the opportunity to join the Metropolitan team. It has definitely been one of the highlights of the year and will miss you when you move back to Dubai.

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