In Your Face Theatre- Open Up

"Open Up is a variety performance night, set up by In Your Face Theatre to support talent from Edinurgh, Glasgow, or wherever you come from. It is held at the Tron Pub in Hunter's Square, Edinburgh.

It is a safe environment for you to try out your skills and meet other performers! Think of it as performing in the privacy of your bedroom, but receiving a real audience reaction!

We have had outstanding performances from big names from Edinburgh and encourage anyone and everyone to get up on that little stage and show us your talent- whether that be acting, music, improv, poetry, stand up, magic, or anything you can perform in the Basement Bar of the Tron Pub!!"

Nearing the end of May, I recently discovered Open Up, a platform in which performers of all sorts from comedians, actors and singers can practice their material in front of a small audience. Founded about one year ago, it was set up by Greg Esplin who is an actor and the artistic director of In your Face Theatre. It is now co-hosted by Greg Esplin and fellow actress Jessica Innes as a way to create a platform for upcoming actors, singers and comedians in Edinburgh. I recently got a chance to perform at Open up which is hosted every two weeks on a Friday at the basement of the Tron Pub and though at first I was nervous, I had a blast. With a friendly audience, and talented performers, your Friday night will start on high note and whether your a performer or not, you should definitely head down to Open up.

Open up at the Tron Pub

Photos provided by Jessica Innes

Cera K x

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